2023 Spring Tryouts

Spring tryouts are around the corner.  January 14-15, 2023 at Kell High School.

Georgia State Warriors Bracket Games

Hello everyone and welcome to the GSW NCAA Bracket Games!! We are very excited to have you all participate in a program wide battle to see who has the best bracket picking strategy in the program!

COVID-19 Crisis and GSW

We are sure that everyone is fully aware of the series of events that have taken place over the last 48 hours. We here at GSW are taking this matter seriously. The health of every family member here at GSW, and everyone else for that matter, takes priority over any sport or leisure activity that we may be involved in.

Georgia State Warriors Fundraiser

Participate in the Georgia State Warriors Fundraiser. Raffle tickets cost only $25 and the warriors player that sells the most tickets will win an all-expenses paid trip to Mamba Mentality for them and a parent. Watch the video!

Georgia State Warriors College Slam Dunk & 3 Point Championships

Coming April 2, 2020, the Warriors family has the opportunity to get on the court for the College Slam Dunk & 3 Point Championships at State Farm Arena.  Players will have a special pre-game on-court experience, with on court photos and exclusive viewing of warm ups.