COVID-19 Crisis and GSW

We are sure that everyone is fully aware of the series of events that have taken place over the last 48 hours. We here at GSW are taking this matter seriously. The health of every family member here at GSW, and everyone else for that matter, takes priority over any sport or leisure activity that we may be involved in. There are many different opinions in regards to what is going on, but the fact of the matter is that SOMEONE could be affected in a life changing way if they come in contact with the virus. That is not something to take lightly. This is beyond our control but we are going to do everything we can to still provide everyone with a great basketball experience this season.

All that said, we will be handling the situation  accordingly, most likely in conjunction with the school systems’ process. There will be no more practices this week. The tournament for Alabama has been canceled. Majority of the tournaments for the remainder of March have also been canceled. We have been in constant correspondence with most of the big name tournament directors, other programs and many other influential people in the travel basketball realm, locally and abroad. Most have concluded to shut down for the month of March and re-evaluate around the end of the month. This spring season will be stretched into mid-July due to the circumstances. Everyone, including GSW, is doing everything they can to accommodate one of the biggest seasons in youth sports. The health of everyone involved being the primary focus regarding how we will proceed. We will keep you all posted on any updates as we receive them. We ask that you do the same with any information that you may obtain in regards to the issue. Any news will be much appreciated. We plan to start up as soon as things return to “normal”.

Please make sure to keep yourselves healthy, stay hydrated and practice good hygiene to the best of your abilities. If you happen to work in the medical industry, please try and wash your clothes when you arrive home. Just an extra precaution that may help. Please tend to the elderly and make sure they drink plenty of fluids and have limited contact with anyone who has a cough or may seem to have a common cold. Never can be too sure. Just want to make sure that we do all that we can to protect the ones we love and care for. Please keep on the watch and let’s all pray that this ends soon. 

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